Gpredict hangs when engaging antenna control (windows)


That’s awesome @jesperLF! Thanks for the feedback :+1:


This from

  • Gpredict versions later than 1.4 crash when engaging the rotator control via HAMLIB. Something has changed in Gpredict since version 1.4. It no longer gracefully handles the read error encountered by HAMLIB when polling the rotator via the USB port. The bug has been reported, but the only solution for the time being is to use Gpredict version 1.4.
  • Gpredict does not display the rotator position on a Windows PC. Easycomm II rotator position feedback does not work on a Windows PC because of a handshaking issue when using Hamlib with the Arduino IDE USB port driver. A work-around is to use a USB-TTL Converter connected to the TX, RX, GND and VCC pins on the Arduino and changing the code to use the Serial1 port instead of the Serial port. It works OK using the USB port with a Linux PC.

I built 2 of their rotor controllers and they work perfectly ok with Gpredict 2.2.1 on Linux Mint.
73 Bob vk2byf


A bit sad that people don’t search for a contact or ask in this forum. On nearly all reqeusts regarding this is similar “failures” the problem was on the user side :wink:
Learned especially this while working on gpredict!