Gerst on 143.625?


Someone told me that’s possible to hear talk of Soyuz capsule to earth on 143.625.

We have TLE for Soyuz in SatNogs system? Or shall one schedule ISS to hear that broadcast?

ISS/Zarya is Norad ID 25544

But … the 143.625MHz is not listed as one of the ISS/Zarya’s 9 transmitters

Certainly, the docked Soyuz capsule it would track with ISS/Zarya
I have suggested an additional transmitter at 143.625Mhz (FM/N) on ISS and have it labeled as Soyuz.

I have no idea if their flight control system is available world-wide.

–Konrad, WA4OSH

Hi @satnogs @fredy team.

Can we have the 143.625 MHz as fast as possible in ISS selection?

I just edited a new freq there.

Thank you!

The new transmitter is approved.

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Thank you. Will give a shot t’night.

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