Frequency for KickSat-2 Incorrect

#21 and looks to have something at ~385s and ~445s. So, the timing of 60s fits, but not sure if it is KickSat-2.

Not sure if it includes all the details you need for a decoder, check this wiki page, note that there are a couple of pages at the right side to click on.


@fredy - None of the upcoming passes seem to be showing for my station (158) . I should have one at 1313UTC today (15/2), but If I search for upcoming passes, I get nothing.


Hey @ssshock it is already scheduled

Is the one I had to re-schedule after changing the TLE.


Those look promising. I’m checking the audio files. Regarding decoding, it’s AX.25,1200 baud FSK with a deviation of +/- 600 Hz. It should decode with standard software (we’ve used e.g. multimon).


For an 87 degree pass that signal is very weak. I wouldn’t expect that signal to be decodable…


What is absolutely curious: the first passes were very high in SNR! Something has happened since!