Frequency for KickSat-2 Incorrect

I wasn’t sure where to post this, so here goes… The frequency SatNOGS has for KickSat-2 (437.240 MHz) is incorrect. The CubeSat’s beacon frequency is 437.505 MHz. Is there some way to correct this?


Looks like there are suggestions pending for Kicksat-2, so I’m assuming they’re for the frequency change? The European based admins should be awake soon!! :wink:

:slight_smile: Done! I’m going to change the scheduled jobs in network to the new transmitters :slight_smile:

@zacmanchester thanks for the suggestions!

PS This is the right category for this post!

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Is the TLE of the sat based on the TLE of Cygnus right now? Zac posted a preliminary TLE on the google group.

1 99999U 14xxxA 19044.94791667 .00078986 00000-0 25641-3 0 00009

2 99999 051.6381 254.6240 0007894 311.4200 082.7978 15.89693916000012

Yes I’m changing now to these TLEs from the Cygnus ones. Thanks!

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Will we need to post here once a proper catalog number is available?

Also, Will I need to delete my upcoming observations and re-schedule with the new transmitters?

I guess it will take some time for norad id. I’m watching for it but please share any information you may have in this thread about it.

I’m going to remove massively all the KickSat-2 observations as the new TLE are way too different from the Cygnus ones and this may cause issues to some stations with rotators. I’ll edit my post after doing this, so after that you can schedule it again.

Plus, Cygnus is moving all over the place!! The TLE’s for it are probably out of date withing a few hours anyway!

@ssshock Removal is done please re-schedule your KickSat-2 observations! Thanks!

I’m going to review MySat1 observations too as they also follow Cygnus TLEs.

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If Jonathan McDowell on Twitter is correct, MySat should be 2018-092E , Chefsat 2018-092F, and Kicksat will be 2018-092G.
I’ll monitor Twitter and Celestrak and see if they gte an id.

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Exactly, however, even that MySat1 is transmitting loud and clear, space-track doesn’t have any TLEs for these objects yet.

Do we know when the sprite deployment will occur?

There’s a new TLE posted for Kicksat 2 per!topic/kicksat-gs/pcb7DjYS7S8

1 99996U          19045.03267917 -.00003510  11098-4  00000+0 0  9998
2 99996  51.6439 254.1597 0013792 282.2707 237.5790 15.91556828    75


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Here is the most up-to-date TLE we have for KickSat-2:

1 99999U 14xxxA   19045.57543904  .01988100  21971-2  62610-2 0 00048
2 99999 051.6408 251.3133 0004219 254.6248 134.3279 15.91224382000168

Thanks, I’ve edited the post above for correcting the TLE format in order to be better visually.

@zacmanchester your TLE seem to have the wrong number for the last digit which is the checksum, both lines should be end with 9 and not 8.

I use this site for checking the checksum. I’ve added into network these TLE based on yours:

1 99999U          19045.57543904  .01988100  21971-2  62610-2 0 00044
2 99999 051.6408 251.3133 0004219 254.6248 134.3279 15.91224382000169
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Thanks Fredy! Another update: we now have a NORAD Catalog number (44046). Nothing posted in Space Track yet, but hopefully soon.


Thanks for the norad id, I’m going to change this in db and network when we have the TLE from Space Track.

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We’re now cataloged in Space Track. Current TLE:

1 44046U 18092G 19045.83574521 .00120568 16433-4 39719-3 0 9997
2 44046 51.6370 249.9496 0006521 307.7812 132.3561 15.90269349 208


norad id have been changed into db and network to 44046.

Maybe I lost track of it: is there a data structure description available for the TLM downlink?