FreeCAD help needed

Hey guys

Are there any FreeCAD pros in this community? I’m having some problems with the commutator part which I would like to use for transferring power from outside the box to the electronics without entangling the cables. The idea is to stick 2.5mm2 wires through each hole from the bottom and wind them around the part in the two groves to form commutators for each pole. Another part which would be mounted to the box would then have metal sliders attached to it to tranfer the power.

The idea of the construction is to have the two pockets (Pocket001 and the mirrored version of it) each connecting one of the two vertical channels with one of the two horizontal groves. In solid works, I would either offset the cut from the top rim or I would add a layer on the height of each grove and would draw the sketch there to execute the cut. But in FreeCAD, this doesn’t seem to work like that. So far, I drew the sketch on the top rim and cut it all the way down. Maybe filling the cut would be an option, but it’s not very easy to just adopt the shape. Any ideas? Thanks for your help!


You mean to make something like this?

Yes exactly, although with the center axle through the middle.