Found a monkey in gpredict

Hi there,

-I am running gpredict (2.2.1) in windows 10 and love to work with this program…
-With all the new cubesats I had read some separate tle files (dslwp-a, dmc3-fm1)
and put them cubesats in a separate module to follow them, worked perfectly.
Some days later,with a new tle update, these tle’s are probably automatically removed, something I did not know.
When i selected this module, the program crashed (spinner - program does not respond).
So i fond my monkey.
-I noted an empty table (because of the missing tle’s)
And had to force the program to close through task manager.
-At a restart the program works well as long as I do not use the relevant module,
but I also have no way found to remove this module.
Ideas welcome.


Both the main config file and module files are plain text but I don’t remember where they are located on windows, sorry. Somewhere in the user directory.


Thanks for the hint about the user folder, I forgot that Windows stores variable data in a different folder, I only looked in the installation folder.

So found the module, removed it and now the program runs like a charm again.