FOSDEM 2018, interviews, talks and stand

Several members of the Libre Space Community will be attending FOSDEM an annual two-day event promoting the widespread use of free and open source software, in Brussels, Belgium taking place this weekend 3rd and 4th of February, 2018.

You are welcome to join the Libre Space team and talk about SatNOGS, UPSat and other open-source space technologies on Libre Space Foundation’s stand, on the AW building next to the local amateur radio union of Belgium.

In Sunday @comzeradd and @pierros will give talks on the Space track of the venue and @surligas will talk on the Software Defined Radio dev room

@comzeradd’s talk will be about SatNOGS: Crowd-sourced satellite operations, he has also provided an interview with the organizers that provides a great summary of his talk and the awesome SatNOGS community

@pierros will talk about The story of UPSat
and he too provided an interview about his talk and the challenges and opportunities facing open space technologies.

@surligas at the same time will present Claim Space, the Libre Way, using SDRs on the team’s SDR work on UPSat and on High Power Rocketry Telemetry and last but not least the SDR developments on SatNOGS.


Can’t be there in person but I’ll be at the end of the live feed. Looking forward to it. Enjoy

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Some photos from our stand at building AW:

YouTube videos of talks have been posted feed free to share them with people and groups that mind find them interesting.

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