Finding the axis pipe in standard

Hey guys, I am trying to find the axis pipe and I cant find anything here in the USA if anyone has an amazon link to a pipe that would fit the diameter of the bearing It would be greatly apreciated

I purchased two carbon fiber sections that were scrap pieces from China for 20USD. They worked, but I don’t plan on cutting/drilling it.
The other option is to change the entire design to standard.

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@nweideman1 any link on that?

I bought it about a year ago, and they were scrap pieces. I don’t remember the link. sometimes has them, or ebay. Ebay has gone up in price for the tubes, but they are the most consistent option. will occasionally have them as scrap, but typically sellers there want a minimum order of 50.

I chose the carbon fiber tubes just because I found a good deal at the time I was looking. PVC in 40mm is just about impossible to find in the US. Even suppliers for contractors do not carry that size.

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