Feature request: Move AOS/LOS to List view and eliminate Upcoming Passes view

First, thanks for such a great program! I’ve converted several hams from SatPC32 to GPredict!

Second, I currently show both the Upcoming Passes and List view because I want to see both the “Next Event” and the “AOS/LOS”. I realized that I can show everything I want in the List view except AOS/LOS. If AOS/LOS was available in the List view, I wouldn’t even bother to show the Upcoming Passes view since the information would then be redundant.

My feature request is that you add AOS/LOS (like in the Upcoming Passes view) to the List view. Then the Upcoming Passes view is basically redundant and not needed. This would allow more space in the module layouts.

Hi @N9KT

Do you mean to show a countdown to the event instead of the date and time?


Yes, exactly! Sometimes I want to know that in 27 minutes something is happening and if it’s more than an hour away I usually just want to know the time like 5:07 pm and I don’t want to keep doing the math back and forth. That’s why I always show the Upcoming Passes view and the List view with “Next Event”.

Thanks for listening!

Ok, I will take a look when I work on gpredict again later this year.

Thank you and thanks for such a great program. I just tested it at our Field Day site.

I’ve attached an example. If you look at the bottom right, you will see I have the List view with the Upcoming Passes view under it. The only reason I display the Upcoming Passes view is for the AOS/LOS countdown. If the AOS/LOS countdown was also available in the List view, I could show twice as many satellites because I would not display the Upcoming Passes view and just make the List view longer.
Hope that helps! Thanks again for a great program!
-David, N9KT

@csete @N9KT the AOS count down is also found in bold font in the radio doppler control. That would be nice to have this option in all the views !

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