Feature request: hide station location from public

Hi! It’ll be really nice to have an option which allows you to hide station location. It would be very useful for people with stations in their homes, since not everyone wants to expose their address to the public :smiley:


Hi @sknerus and welcome to the community.

There is an old related thread you can check in Privacy concern GPS co-ordinates on network page. What have changed since then, is that the set location in client is added into the metadata of the observation, so if you don’t set in detail the location in Network, you should also not set it in detail in the client setup too.


This subject interests me too.

Can a shift in the delcaration of the station’s position of 1 or 2 km have a negative impact on the monitoring and the quality of the reception?
If so, what margin can we take to round off our position?

According to discussion in the link I provided in my previous answer, few km are not going to affect too much the results of the station.

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