Failed to parse TLE message

While running auto-scheduler I got quite a few messages like the following:

2019-10-14 16:35:07,536 - root - INFO - Fetch from

2019-10-14 16:35:08,785 - root - WARNING - Failed to parse TLE for LO-19

The problem occurs with a couple dozen satellites, meanwhile other satellites TLE seems to be recovered well.

Any idea?

Regads, Pedro LU7DID


This tle source is corrupted since a few days. I have commented (erased) out the nasabare line from the sources.csv file to keep running.

However, I think it is now fixed so it may be useful to clean the cache in /tmp/cache/tle*.

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Indeed, the TLEs are malformed. Some negative numbers have been replaced by ‘n’ for some satellites. For now the auto-scheduler will skip those. If they’re important you can schedule them manually, but also check if the TLEs are fixed. @pierros has informed AMSAT of the issue.

1 20442U 90005G   19282.85860730 n.00000007 n00000-0 n19020-4 0  9998
2 20442 098.6575 224.7133 0011818 170.5734 189.5674 14.32934594552525
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Apparently AMSAT is aware of the issue and are looking on ways to fix it.