Europen Gnuradio Days 2019

Hello everybody,
I am back from the European Gnuradio Days.
More infos :
I did a talk about Satnogs, and a lot of people talked with me about this project.

  • a university wants to offer a worldwide internet connexion to satnogs GS by the mean of the wifi-network eduroam, it sound cool, I am in contact with them, I and hope to have more information soon.
  • to increase the coverage to places where the internet is not cheap, we could use QO-100 as a relay to a gateway connected to internet. (the French regulations now allow this!)
  • next year we will try to include a ham radio exam session at the European Gnuradio Days.

I am amazed by the strong interest in Satnogs !


We should check that with AMSAT-DL. The WB transponder could be used for this I think.

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