Electronics V2 - PCB Size Change Request

So who can I gripe to about the V2 Electronics Board? Not to nickpick or anything, but is there any way to change the 10.3 x 8.3 dimensions to fit in a 10x10 block?

Reason I ask, dirtypcb’s 10x10 proto board is $16.00 where if you go .3 out of that area, they bump it up to $36.00

Try to check at seedstudio. I have bought 10 pcb of 3 version and 10 pcb v 2 and costs was very small



Massimiliano Caturegli

We use a standard PCB size EuroBoard 100x80 in order to have more choices for enclosure boxes.

We bought 5 PCBs for 25$, from PCBway