ELaNa 41 - Astra Rocket 3.3 - 2022-01-xx xx:xx UTC

Greetings! I’ve found previous threads around these multi-satellite deployments to be particularly helpful since there can be so much info coming from so many sources in a short period of time. The bottom line is that it’s really nice to get some help selecting WHICH satellites to focus your attention on.

While I don’t believe there is a launch date yet, it sounds like ELaNa-41 might be going up sooner than later. I’ve started trying to gather info on the satellites involved and at least a few looking interesting already.

From: https://www.nasa.gov/content/upcoming-elana-cubesat-launches

ELaNa 41
Mission: Astra Space Inc., VCLS Demo-2
5 CubeSat Missions scheduled to be deployed

  • BAMA-1 - University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa, Alabama
  • CURIE - University of California, Berkeley
  • INCA - New Mexico State University, Las Cruces, New Mexico
  • QubeSat - University of California, Berkeley
  • R5-S1 - NASA’s Johnson Space Center, Houston, Texas

… as always, any particulars appreciated as info becomes available.

-Scott, K4KDR


From a quick look 3 of them are IARU coordinated:

I can not find any info on fcc or itu for the othe two.


I’ve emailed the Project Lead for QubeSat asking if they are in fact using OpenLST and if any finalized decoder is available yet. So, I’ll report if there’s any reply.

Found some possibly-related software at → GitHub - space-technologies-at-california/qubesat: Repository for Quantum CubeSat

… but of course I have no idea if any of that is actually being used for this mission.


The launch is now scheduled for 2022-01-23 18:00 UTC according to Astra - LV0008 - NASA VCLS Demo-2 - CCSFS SLC-46 - Jan 23 2022 18:00 UTC


Still waiting for datetime for this launch: