Dreamcatcher hardware for a station

I noticed that Othernet (formally Outernet) are having a sale on hardware:

how feasible would this be to add fixed KU band operations to a station ?
Would it save much or improve performance any more than using an rtf and an LNB?

I’ve tested this before, the single core processor is not enough to really run our gnuradio scripts, which is a shame because I do like the all-in-one platform. (Dreamcatcher has a single Cortex-A8, vs a raspi3 with quad core cortex-A53)

that said, I’m sure there are ways in which our decoders could be optimized for this platform… its just not going to work out of the box.


I ordered one a few days ago, and while there is a shipping label confirmation, it still hasn’t shipped. I’ve heard that a previous hardware release by then Outernet left a bunch of people out money with no hardware in hand - I hope that’s not the case with this release.


I wonder if you could stream the Samples into the GNU Radio scripts running in a better platform?

Sure, but why add the complexity? The only benefit here would be saving $11 off the cost of a raspi3 + rtlsdr.