Documentation "gap"

I spent a while digging through the GitLab repositories looking for the actual motors used in the rotator. They aren’t on the BOM for either the rotator or the rotator controller. The only place I was able to find them was on this one page:

They weren’t even on the page for the Rotator itself, just the controller.

Might be worth making it easier to find.

Hi @jgalak – thanks for the post. Documentation is definitely something the project is working on, and something I’ve been trying to help out with.

One thing I’ll emphasize: I’m happy to make an edit to the wiki for you, but do feel free to create an account and improve things you feel are inaccurate or poorly documented…it’s always good to improve documentation as you go, and the wiki is meant to be a community tool.

All the best, and do post pictures of your rotator as you build it out – it’ll inspire me to catch up to you. :slight_smile:

I will definitely create an account and try to add to the wiki as I can. I’m more leery of touching the repo though, and this probably should be on the BOM. (yes, I know I can fork, edit, and then do a merge request, but I’m not great with the collaborative git tools)

Glad to hear you’ll be adding to the wiki! As for fork/edit/merge request, another option is just to file an issue. Just a simple description like “BOM is missing the motors used” will help enormously. :smile:


Aha! Issue tracker! And done.


\o/ Many thanks for helping to make SatNOGS better!

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