Demodulating CAS-4A/B

Had some luck with direwolf and the telemetry GUIs for GRIFEX, IRAZU and lituanicasat2 - but for CAS-4A/B I’m stumped - like this observation

Closest I could find is this decode session but it does not show the command line options

In fact, that session shows:
Channel 0: 4800 baud, K9NG/G3RUH, +, 48000 sample rate x 2.

whereas when I try -B 4800 I get this instead:
Channel 0: 4800 bps, 8PSK, TUVW, 48000 sample rate.

The complete line:
$ sox -t ogg satnogs_174966_2018-07-05T17-07-08.ogg -esigned-integer -b 16 -r 48000 -t raw - | direwolf -B 4800 -b 16 -n 1 -r 48000 -q hd -t 0 -a 0 -p -

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Answer is: hs_soundmodem works fine under wine in Linux / Ubuntu 18 :slight_smile:
{ tip of the hat to this thread }
demodulated cas-4a ogg with FSK G3RUH 4800bd
turn on Settings / Devices / KISS Server Port 8100
/tmp$ nc -v 8100 > cas_4a_174966.kss
and loopback the audio playing in audacity gets it.