CYGNUS 12 - HuskySat-1, SwampSat-2, Orbital Factory 2, EdgeCube deployment | 2020-01-31 - 2020-02-01

Thanks, I have updated the TLE for both satellites.

I have re-scheduled some of the observations as the new TLE have a significant difference.

EDIT: During rescheduling I didn’t notice that some of the initial observations were selected, so now they are removed. :frowning: I’m really sorry about that, it was my fault, I’m going to add functionality that will prevent that kind of accidents in the future.

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Pay attention, telemetry will be transmitted on BPSK1k2.
New TLE from

1 99934U 1001D 20031.87746807 .00000000 00000-0 00000-0 0 13
2 99934 51.5569 307.6644 0013532 287.5589 72.3913 15.32433103 16


There are 5 new objects (45113-45117), I’ve added TLE from 45113 for both HuskySat-1 and SwampSat-2. Still the objects are near each other, so we need to wait for NORAD ID assignment. Thanks to @PE0SAT for bring this in my attention.

45117 Object seems to fit better the HuskySat-1 signals:

So I’ve changed the used TLE for HuskySat-1 to follow 45117.

“45117 Object” really good for the HuskySat-1:

but for the SwampSat-2 should be another:


SwampSat-2 seems to fit better 45117 too, so I change it to network too in order to check if it is the right one:

45113-45115 are also close, so we will need to keep observing to be sure.

What I’m wondering is which satellites are the rest of the objects. As far as I can say from NASA’s site they shouldn’t be the rest of the ELANA cubesats, however I didn’t found any other information about deployments.

Link I found and shared when they first launched up to the ISS. Has a few more Sats that might be of interest. Some are also on board the ISS and not on the Nano Rack deployed on the Cygnus


Thanks, there are issues open for getting the rest of them in DB and add their transmitters based on that post you have written. Let me know if I missed something.

From the latest observations and calculations SwampSat-2 should be one of 45113, 45114 and 45115. I’ve chosen to follow 45114 for now in network.

With the latest observation it seems that SwampSat-2 is Object 45113:

However 45115 is still close, so we will wait a little before assigning NORAD ID, for now it is set in Network to follow 45113.

HuskySat-1 is object 45117, I’m going to change it in both Network and DB later today.


SwampSat-2 is now identified as OBJECT E (45115). It will be changed in DB and Network later today.
Bellow with the red line the expected doppler curve for OBJECT E and the signal from SwampSat-2:
Observation 1654714:

Observation 1654833:

There are 3 new objects, OBJECT H, OBJECT J and OBJECT K. From them OBJECT J fits better the latest HuskySat-1 satellite than old object OBJECT G. So it seems that HuskySat-1 wasn’t identified correctly and I’m going to revert it back to its temporary NORAD ID (99824) until we match it better.

For now I’m going to set HuskySat-1 to follow OBJECT J (45132) in Network.



After the latest results and calculations HuskySat-1 has been identified and it is OBJECT J with NORAD ID 45132. So both satellites are now identified on Network and DB.

I’ve just found out that one of the deployed satellites was “Orbital Factory 2 (OF-2)”:

I’m going to add it into DB and schedule several observation trying to get it by using one of the OBJECTS already published by

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Almost 24hours after scheduling the first observations and nothing was observed from Orbital Factory 2.

The team reports in this tweet:

that the satellite was received, however this was 7 days ago and there are no other info for that satellite. I’ll keep scheduling in order to find out if Orbital Factory 2 is still alive.

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More updates, published new objects for this deployment moving from 8 to 17. From some first calculations these doesn’t affect the current identifications but I’ll keep an eye on them.

It is interesting that in these 17 objects there are different objects with the same “International Designator” (19071H, 19071J and 19071K). I don’t remember anything similar in the recent past and that makes me wonder if it is an error or a special situation.

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A more recent update… it looks like that the objects are 14 and the ones in range from 45131-45133 have been moved to 45118-45120 range, this is why we can see duplicate COSPAR IDs in’s full catalog.

Related tweet:

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Some updates from this deployment:

  1. The objects were 14 a deployed by two different pods, here is a good thread discussion that has info about all the deployed satellites.
  2. Another amateur satellite, EDGECUBE, was in this deployment. It is added in DB and there are scheduled observations for it. Unfortunately nothing heard until now.
  3. We managed to receive Orbital Factory 2 (and some frames decoded), it doesn’t transmit continuously but with the observations we have, we limit the possible NORAD IDs to three of them. Specifically OBJECTS C (45113), D (45114), F (45116), with OBJECT C fitting better as it is shown in the next image of Observation 1687813:

I’ve set Orbital Factory 2 to follow 45113 in Network, until we make sure that this is the right object.


More good observations and frames from Orbital Factory 2 and with these observations we can identify it. It is OBJECT C (44113). Using ikhnos on observation 1698973:

Another interesting thing, OBJECTS D(45114), E(45115), F(45116), G(45117) are identified by as AEROCUBEs. However we have identified that OBJECT E is SwampSat-2. I’m not sure if this is a misidentification or still hasn’t announced some OBJECTS from this deployment. The truth is that there is no OBJECT B (with COSPAR 19071B) in their list, so maybe AEROCUBE 14B and SwampSat-2 are still too close to be separated.

EDIT: This object was identified independently by PA0DLO too: