Crash Report On A Mac

I recently updated one of my Macs to Mojave and loaded GPredict from MacPorts. I use GPredict mostly on my laptop but this report is about on my desktop Mac, the problem does not happen on the laptop. I have been using GPredict on my various Macs for several years and have not seen this before.

When I go to configure a module, properties, module properties, map view, select map - the app crashes without any alerts.

Mac Mini
Mac OS 10.14.6
GPredict 2.2.1

running under emulation with XQuartz.

Charles Phillips
Houston, Texas

Grr. Also crashes if you update TLEs from local files - this is something that I do all the time.


Hi Charles,

Unfortunately, I don’t have access to a Mac so I can’t test myself and it’s hard to know what’s happening without any error messages. Perhaps if you start the program from a terminal or if you look in the log message browser, there might be some hints about what is going on.


I will run it here shortly and see if there are any errors shown in the Console.