Could I contact directly to owner of ground stations?

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I have a question

Could I contact directly to owner of ground stations? we want to know specification about other ground station. because other ground station received our CW but we have not received yet. So we want to know what is different.

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Hello Jeon,

I think you are a member of the STEP-1 team, so:
I can only tell for myself but I think this would be ok for others, too!
If I can help out somehow, please feel free to contact me. If you have more than “We received your beacon!”, please share any information on that observation. Also feel free to join the SatNOGS IRC chat on freenode, #satnogs. It’s very active and lot of station owners join it, too.

Patrick, DL4PD


First of all, Thank you for your answering for me.

Actually, I want to contact some station in Australia which is 16-VK5QI-70CM.

How can I contact a owner of the station?

Hi Jeon - that’s my station!

The station comprises:
70cm Turnstile antenna, purchased from:
70cm masthead preamplifier:
RTLSDR ‘v3’:
… and a Raspberry Pi 3

Mark VK5QI

Hi Mark!

Thank you Thank you Thank you!!

If you are Ok, Can I have your e-mail? or Some messenger ID like Kakaotalk, Skype, and Line… etc

Probably best to ask your questions on here, that way others can also offer advice.


You are also welcome to IRC chat on in chat-room #satnogs!

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I’ve got a positive observation of STEP-1 on my dev-station, too.

Could you please give some more informations in general about the sat and specifically on telemetry?
That would be great!

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Thank you for attention about our cubesat and issue.

Actually, we set that if the value of voltage of battery is less than 6.8V, the cubesat will switch over emergency mode and then CW signal will not be transmit anymore until battery voltage is recovered to 6.8V or more for itself .

In present, our cubesat have some problem that the battery cannot charge enough as that we expected in advance. Therfore, cube satellites are continuously repeating the transition of the emergency mode.

Your ground station receives our beacon signal more clearly than other ground stations, and the frequency is also high. We don’t know well why your station can receive easily our beacon signal that others.

So we want to transmit telecommand for solving aforementioned problem to the cubesat using your ground station.

If we are available to use your ground station, Could I visit to your station with our some equipments to communicate with our cubesat.

However, we need to confirm in advance whether our equipment is compatible.

Thank you. #satnogs

Thank you very much for your active participation in my question. As you know, I am facing the problem of battery voltage as I told Mark. Our ground stations are not able to receive beacon signals clearly, so we want to use ground stations in other areas. We are going to try to listen here because the toxic signals are clearly coming in from Australia. #satnogs

Thank you so much


My ground station is receive only, and is only using a turnstile. For a reliable uplink you will need a much bigger antenna system. Unfortunately I cannot provide this.


It seems to get more healthy:

Did you send any commands?
Did you have some progress on investigations?

And another really pretty one over Europe:

Thanks … Joined today.


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