Connecting gr-ccsds to a SLE provider


we are currently working on an CCSDS SLE provider implementation and are curious if you are interested in extending the functionality of the gr-ccsds module in a way, that it can easily connect to it.
To do so, additional information, provided by the module, is needed in order to generate the SLE PDUs.
Here is a list of them in the standard:
Link to CCSDS SLE RCF document
“Frames delivered” and “Production Status” do not have to be included.
The frames can be counted by the provider and the status is referred to the hardware.



Hey @milenko,
the gr-ccsds will focus only the the modulation and coding of the CCSDS PDUs. For now our approach is to get PDUs from upper layers through a UDP frame. We will also use a UDP socket to deliver back any demodulated CCSDS PDU.

If you have any other suggestion that will make the integration easier, let us know.

Hey @surligas,

thanks for your interest in our project, I hope we can bring these two together.

The missing information, which is currently delivered by any module is:

  • Carrier lock status (onLock, outOfLock, unknown)
  • Subcarrier lock status (inLock, outOfLock, notInUse, unknown)
  • Symbol lock status (inLock, outOfLock, unknown)
  • Frame quality, of each TM frame (good, erred, undetermined)
  • Loss of frame sync notification
  • End of data notification

Our main interest is the lock status information and the frame quality for each frame.
These should be possible to extract from the modulation and coding layer that you are implementing.