Configuring USB-to-serial rotator controller

I have two stations set up with SatNOGS and can’t get the rotator controller for one of them to work. The working station uses an Arduino controller which works on the /dev/ttyACM0 port as described in the docs. The non-working station uses a USB-to-serial connection to the AMSAT LVB controller. It appears from my research that I need a different parameter set for this configuration, which I’d suspect is pretty common. Can anyone help?

Thanks - Jon, WB2MNF

A wild guess… /dev/ttyUSB0?

You can run journalctl -f and plug the USB in. The kernel will autoload the module and output a message with the new device.

Thanks - I actually got it working by having the Pi command the copy of PstRotator running on the PC, which is a more elegant solution. But I’ll file your solution away in case I need to run it freestanding on a Pi.