CHOMPTT no signal/valid frames since Nov 6th

Recent CHOMPTT observations with ‘decoded frames’ are showing no RF signal with random data. I looked back through the last few months of CHOMPTT observation, it seems the last verified frames from CHOMPTT ceased around Nov 6th 2021.

Nothing valid since then, at least as far as I could see.

I’ve reached out to the CHOMPTT team for verification of status but it appears (to me) the beacon has been offline for several months. Usually a bad sign. I will followup here with any new information on status.


Observation #5473158

@scottbob09 re: Observation #5473158

There is no AFSK 1k2 signal in the waterfall and the resulting ‘frame’ is a false-positive with only the hex value “0F”. Random garbage from gr-satellites, it happens…

All valid CHOMPTT data frames start with “AE 92 64 B0 AC A8 60 AE 92 64” as illustrated in the observation SatNOGS Network - Observation 4963727

This is the reason I raised the question about all of these “with signal” and “with data” observations since Nov 6th. They all seem to be false-positives.

My guess is CHOMPTT suffered a failure of some type on or around Nov 6th and all we are seeing since then are ghosts!. :ghost: Time will tell!

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CHOMPTT team lead John Conklin relayed this:

We have had some issues with our ground station, and the deadman timer triggered, which shuts off the Stensat beacon radio

I dug around more and found this status page which confirms the exact time the beacon went silent, 2021-11-06 19:25:47 UTC:

So not a problem with the satellite itself, which is good news.


CHOMPTT UHF transmissions have been restored

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