Changing BR for RadSat-g

Can you please change the baud rate for RadSat-g to 19200? It is currently at 9600.
Thank you,
Brock LaMeres (Bozeman, MT)

I’ve just seen this request, please for such requests in the future, use the suggestion functionality in SatNOGS DB after you login with the same credentials you log in here.

From this observation it seems that RADSAT-G is still transmitting with 9600 baud rate as there are decoded data. Was this changed back or we should change it to 19200 as it is going to change in the future?

Yes, please change back to 19200. We had luck at the 19200 audio setting by running a post-processing script on the SatNogs audio files. It worked well while at 19200, but it immediately stopped working when I requested we go back to 9600.
Thanks and apologies for posting to the wrong area.