Can't create any Observation

Every Satellite I try to create an observation for comes back with

“Satellite is always below horizon or no free observation time available on visible stations.”

These satellites are all on Gpredict’s schedule to pass near my location. Does this mean that I cannot observe my own satellite passes once my station is part of the network?

I can see several passes that you can schedule in your station’s page.

Could you give us an example (satellite, transmitter and start/stop datetimes) that does’t work as you expected?

I’m still learning the ropes. Having navigation problems but I found the right place eventually and even created a few observations for my own station. Now I have to figure out the PPM correction factor to bring the signal into the centre of the waterfall. It was supposed to be a stable V3 but on Gqrx I found it to be out by a factor of +60. Probably an ebay fake. I’ll bring it in a little at a time. Thanks for your help.

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Glad to see that you make progress! For ppm check also this guide.

Thanks fredy. I could never get kalibrate to work on any of my rtl-sdr with Gqrx setups. It scans but cannot find any GSM base stations here in Nowra which is about 160km from Sydney and considerate rural. Nothing on 850 or 900. I do get a G4 weak signal on my phone but don’t know what frequency. I have used the local airport FIS signal and found my error is 61. with my satnogs setup, I started at 0 and I found my signals appear to be -8kHz on the waterfall and very weak. I have set my RF gain now to 30 and BB gain 20 IF gain 20. Let’s see what happens now. I have a LNA4ALL preamp at the QFH antenna. This setup has proven to be a good performer. with Gqrx and SDRuno with SDRplay RSP-2.

If you use the manual way you also get the idea how to use your rtlsdr as remote source :wink:


GSM in Australia is long dead, hence kalibrate won’t work. I have a guide on how to use LTE signals to do calibration here:

However, with a RTLSDR v3 (assuming it’s a real one), usually you don’t need to set the PPM to anything other than 0. 61 seems way out.

Mark VK5QI

Unfortunately mine is a fake. Thanks for the link. I’ll try it and report back