Can I disable automatic obs status review

Is it possible to make it so that every single observation my station makes is left with unknown status so it requires manual vetting? I’ve noticed some automatically get set to “good” without the waterfall being vetted

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hey @dereksgc can you point to one example please? Maybe there is a bug or something in the vetting process.

Sure, this one for example: SatNOGS Network - Observation 6448110
Status is marked as “good” while the watefall hasn’t been vetted yet, it even says it needs vetting but because the status is good it didn’t show up in the normal page where obs that need vetting would appear.
I am assuming this is because data files were uploaded, but I don’t think that should be happening because even if there is no signal sometimes random “data” can be interpreted from noise, especially analog signals like APT.

You are assuming correctly. If there is a valid demodulation of data then we mark the whole observation as good. Noise cannot easily trigger this for most modulations, since this is extremely rare to have a valid sequence of noise that ends up in a frame.

You can find all of these observations for vetting them by using the filter Rated Artifacts:

The concept of this automatic change on observation status was requested by most of the users to avoid vetting of observations with data. The only case with data that doesn’t behave like that is CW as the data are usually noise.

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