Calling all current and prospective SatNOGS contributors!

Hi, everyone! I am a software engineer from California who is a newcomer to SatNOGS. I got my first ground station running yesterday, and although I still have a lot of work to do before I move it out of testing, I am having so much fun interacting with the network.

I (and hopefully others out there) want to begin contributing to SatNOGS but haven’t gotten over that first hump yet. I was hoping this thread could be used for people to share their personal stories of getting involved contributing to SatNOGS.

Does anyone want to share their experience contributing? Advice for newcomers? A funny story?

And for current SatNOGS contributors: For those of us who are new to SatNOGS, what advice would you give on getting involved. Personally, I am confident in my coding abilities, but it is pretty intimidating looking at all the work that has been done and wondering about how I could contribute anything. Hopefully, there are others out there who feel similarly, and this thread can help ease us into the flow of things.

Anyway, that’s enough from me. Anything goes below. If it is about your experience contributing to SatNOGS, I am interested in hearing it!



First of all I think we need to improve our contributor guidelines and documentation so I appreciate your perspective on things (especially where they might be intimidating).

Most of the code is in python, with gnuradio on the sdr side. The root of the repos is at

If you are into SDR development, then the gr-satnogs repo is where our demodulating and decoding scripts live. If you are into web development, then satnogs-network and satnogs-db are where those sites live. If you want to hack on the client itself, it is in satnogs-client with a couple other repos supporting it (like the ansible and raspi image work). Feel free to browse through the issues and see if there is something you would like to take a stab at working on.

Documentation could always use help, and our wiki is open for editing.

We have an irc channel on freenode (#satnogs) which is bridged into matrix as well, so if you want to stop in and say hi many of us are in there.