Build v3 or wait for v3.1?


I just started collecting all materials for building a rotator and controller.
Using steppers if fine for me for now. However I also see quite some activity on the controller etc.
Does it make sense to wait for v3.1?
If I have to create a fresh batch of v3 PCBs I would not like to miss out on a whole bunch of improvements.

Please advise!

Hey, i made a pull request with new board.
I think that in the end of this week, we will buy a prototype in order to test it. If you can’t wait, you can fabricate the previous stable version. In both cases, your comments are welcome for new design.


Hi, I’m planning to build a rotator and am currently building a bill of material and investigating where I can get all the parts. I’d like to go for the 3.1 version to get all the latest improvements and already started buying some parts with long delivery times.

I’ve seen there has been some progress here
and here

Can you please give us some more information about the current state of the 3.1 version?


Is there a 3.1 version for imperial / United States Builds? I’m wanting to put one of these together and want to try to source the parts.

The v3 rotator design was such that most of the parts were standard between imperial and metric, the one thing that changes are the gears and spacer parts (axis_spacer and axis_spacer_collar) which will allow for our imperial sized PVC pipes given that metric PVC is near impossible to source in the US. The rest of the parts (like the 2020 and metric hardware) are easily found, and even cheaper sourced through

That said… I’m not finding that the imperial spacers are included in the release anymore…? @azisi ?

In the meantime, find the 4 files that end in “_imperial” and use in place of their corresponding parts here:

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