API key, token and station ID

I apologize for the noob question.
I’m trying to get a new station up and running but I seem to be having trouble with nomenclature.
I believe I have done all the setup but on my dashboard page the ‘API key’ looks “grayed out” (different color anyway) and when I press it a window opens that says:


You can use this token to interact with the API.

No other text is in the window.
I’ve tried multiple different browsers (Firefox, chrome, Edge), refreshing each multiple times but they all appear the same.

What does a API token “look like” vs an API key?
Is the token the long hex number? Because I thought that needed to be kept secure.
My station ID is 2046.

Any input would be greatly appreciated.

Hi @jt4sat and welcome to the community!

This is your API key. The API key, when you click the button in your user page is this hex number with a red color and ping background. This is the key that you should copy paste in the configuration of any of your stations for being able to receive jobs and upload results.

This should be remain secret, if by accident is published, please let us know as soon as possible so we can remove it and generate a new one.