AO-95 Transponder data

Hi all
I want to know how to put the RX frequency of the AO-95 (FOX 1Cliff) in the transponder data so that it is recorded. I would be very useful because I have created a group of FOX satellites with the option autotrack to decode telemetry.
Thanks in advance and 73 of EA4GSX Miguel

It’s already in the database. If not, you probably use an old version of gpredict – it’s hard to tell since you don’t write any details :wink:

Also, if you search the forum you should be able to find a recent discussion, which explains how transponder data is updated.

I just saw that it has ID 99911 in the database, so it could be why you don’t see it, assuming that you use the latest version of gpredict.

Hello again
First thanks for answering so fast. Previously I have not explained myself clearly. The satellite if it appears in the database, what does not appear is the frequency of descent in the Radio Control. Every time I select it, I have to put it on myself. My verides of GPredict is 2.2.1
Thanks in advance.


The database will be updated in the coming days to have the correct NORAD ID. So, the frequencies should appear if you download the transponder database sometime next week.

Many thanks
I’ll check it next week.

Thank you for your attention and for your time.

73 and Happy New Year