Anyone in the US interested in kits?

I am on a university space research team. We are absolutiely interested in purchasing a kit, especially since we have never built a ground station. Any extra expertise is welcome. That is, if you are still assembling kits.

Hi Nathan @thomasns

I’m interested in a kit or two. Any updates on your kitting or ordering website?



As a newbie who would love to get started – a kit would be amazing. If they’re available – what’s the easiest way to purchase?


I am also interested in kits. I’m an amateur radio operator and often people put together kits of parts for popular projects in ham radio.

What is the status of the kit project? Are there any available?

Also, what is the status of your rotator build(s)? Any pictures or descriptions?


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Hello everyone.
Sorry for vanishing, life got way in the way.

I’m finally back to working on my V3 build. My plan is to build one half first to work out the kinks then document the second half as a video series for anyone interested.

I doubt i’ll have time to work on kits with as many places as my focus are right now, but if this build goes easily enough I’ll see what seems doable.


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What’s the lates on the kits Nathan?


I would be interested in a kit.

Hey thanks for the feedback.
I’m currently held up with a good us source of 40mm od tube.
The best I found for my build was to order a 1.625" tube domestically, then turn it down on a lathe, but as I have to sneak in and use my former university lathe that won’t scale.

Anyone have a good recommendation for 40mm tube in the states? If i can find that reasonably i can probably have them ready soon.

What about adjusting the rest of the system to use the slight larger tubing?

Hummm… that’s actually not a bad idea. Some quick reading didn’t turn much up for that size, but an R24ZZ has a 1.5in bore a little less than 2mm difference. And there seems to be economical options.

Could anyone chime in on how many modifications the change to size will require?

If it’s not too extensive I think I could handle that.

Thanks for the idea I’ll look into it more when I’m more awake.

The tubes are really only for the azimuth and elevation of the system. So to change the tubes to a different size you should only need to change the ball bearings the tube uses, possibly the 3D model for the ball bearing to be held in (C1010-3 and C1011-3), the hole in the metal that the tube comes out of, shield that goes over the tube to cover the hole in the metal and at the ball bearing (C1083-1 and C1022-3), and the two gear setups (the one for the worm gear, C1020-1 and C1021-1, and the rotor encoder/endstop, C1040-1 and the insert for it C1041-1). Basically all of the items listed on this image File:A1030.png - SatNOGS Wiki. As long as you aren’t going bigger (which might cause an issue with the grub screws), then you should be alright. I also saw someone looking into using extruded aluminum (not sure if it was 2020 or something else). If that it was just a matter of making adapters or new 3D Parts.

I was thinking about setting up a kit as well. I have a couple other Amateur Radio operators around here who are interested in doing satellite communications. Since AMSAT doesn’t sell the WRAPS by Mark Spencer, WA8SME, there aren’t much options aside from rigging something together or spending a lot of money for one. So I am experimenting with this to see if it will work out. I don’t think any of them have a 3D Printer so I will most likely be making those parts.

Anyways, that is what I believe would need to be changed. I won’t say that is 100% what needs to be done, but it is a good start.

Just to throw out there as well, ka4jwb modified the parts to use USA PVC Pipe instead of the aluminium tube.

Any word on kits? I’m moving to Australia in Feb and would like to take a kit with me for when I leave Germany.

Hi am down in Nz, would be intrested in a full kit or parts as posting dictates. Also ham radio operator so would be intrested in using for other sat work also.
Any news on kits or videos of build ?


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FYI, I have a few SatNOGS rotator controller PCBs and PCBAs in the USA if anyone is interested (domestic shipping only). Send me a pm if you want one.

I modified the parts for R24-ZZ and 1.5" OD Tube. I am currently waiting for those parts to arrived (ordered the tube from eBay for the test, but I see 1.5" OD Aluminum Tube at online locations except it is 6061). Just waiting for parts and need to run the prints for testing.

Hi thomasns Im interested in the kits how I contact you.