Another Satnogs Client

I have a uhf antenna and a vhf antenna. I am currently set up using a Raspberry PI using an RTLSDR connected to my UHF antenna. Do I need another Raspberry PI to run a vhf RTLSDR?
If I need another Raspberry PI, do I need another API key?

You need a diplexer, I use an MFJ-916 but other brands make them too.

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As @argusnavis noted you can use a diplexer, so you will have one RPi and one SDR with two antennas.

Alternatively you can have two different stations, one UHF and one VHF, in this case each station will need one RPi and one SDR. This is needed as RPi is not able to support two observations at the same time due to the CPU usage. The API key is one per user, so all the station of one user have the same API Key.