@alex245/DB0RV: Your turnstile?

Hey @alex245: Can you tell me something about your turnstile antenna? Is there a source for your build? I’m always looking for new ideas. And: What setup are you using at this antenna?

Thank you.


sorry, the antenna is not homebuild, I’ve bought it from “Winkler Antennenbau”.

I’ve opened it and it’s the typical turnstile-antenna like thise one:

My setup is:
antenna -> 20m Ultraflex 7 -> l/4 stub for filtering out FM-broadcast -> NooElec NESDR SMArt RTL-Stick -> Raspi

Could it be, that your antenna has the wrong polarization, left handed instead of right handed? This would explain the bad NOAA-reception and the good amateur satellites reception because, at least I think so, they are mostly linear polarized.


Thx fer nfo. I don’t hope that the cables are connected the wrong way since 2010 or so… lol But: I’ll check it soon…

EDIT: Thanx for the link. Hey. These antennas doesn’t seem to be too expensive.