AIRSPY configuration Question

Regarding Observation 153936

What’s wrong with my system? The above observation clearly has some voice in it. But the voice is not clear at all. I have performed other observations with similar results. Is there something wrong with my system configuration? incorrect sample rate? samp_rate?


It looks like the SatNOGS setting is off frequency.
436.793 MHz

Downlink (MHz): 436.795
Beacon (MHz):
Mode: FM_tone 67.0Hz

–Konrad, WA4OSH

The audio sounds garbled, so your system is probably dropping samples because the CPU can’t keep up.

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reduce sample rate or increase decimation? Is there a way to play with sample rate from within satnog-setup?
is a client end file?


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You can only change the sample rate in the configuration. Decimation happens automatically in the scripts.

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thanks. I found the hardware settings on my Pi here
and reduced my sample rate we’ll see what happens.

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Bad idea to change that file. It is part of the python application and will be overwritten every time you upgrade the software. You went through some configuration of your station when you have set it up, either using a text-ui or editing some settings. That’s where you should change the sample rate.

I looked in the satnogs-setup text ui and the web based console I can’t seem to find where to configure the sample rate. I realize it may not be the best way to do it but at least by editing I was able to get the site performing, audio is clear now and even decoding data. I think the ability to adjust sample rate from a UI was a feature request on the gitlab project page. I can’t seem to find it now but if I do I’ll up vote it,

thanks for your help once again.

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