Adding new Hardware

I want to add a similar UHF station to my VHF station set-up.
It will be exactly the same but UHF instead of VHF.
How do I go about it once it is build?
Do I need a new station ID?
I’m 568 now on VHF.
Do I need a new API key?
Thanks, Bob vk2byf

You need to create a new station, so you will have a new station ID.

API key is per user, so you will not need a new one.

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Thanks fredy I’ve done it. vk2byf-vhf ID 568 and vk2byf-uhf ID 724 same API for both.

Both in testing as I seem to have developed some kind of antenna problem to sort out.

What is station utilization? where should I set this?

73 Bob

Target Utilization is how much should the station be utilized in a specific period (not specified yet). This will be used in the future by auto-scheduler for controlling how many observation will be scheduled.

Target Utilization can be set in station settings.