Adding another antenna

Hi I have a UHF antenna I am working with and I added the option in my setup but I can’t schedule any UHF birds. It said to contact the satnogs team.

Ground Station 411

Your UHF frequency range is defined as 460-470 MHz. Is that correct?

Yes it is that a good sat range for 70cm? Should I pick another range?

I just to enable 70 cm sats

Yes, it would be better to choose the range starting at 430MHz.

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The 460-470MHz range is only good for “meteorogical satellites”, and I don’t really know of any that are observable (however I could be wrong) - that’s probably why you don’t see any. If you use the range starting at 430MHz, you’ll be able to hear all the sats that have amateur radio UHF downlinks (SO-50, Lilacsat-2, FalconSat-3, and several linears).

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