Accessing raw data for the waterfall plot

Hi, I am new to the SatNOGS community, and have recently started looking at the observations data. I can download the waterfall images as png as well as the audio data. Is there a mechanism to download the raw IQ data or the digital version of the waterfall plot (as a matrix for example)?


You have to use the following environment variables:
to keep the raw waterfall data
to get the IQs

The following variable may also be useful:
SATNOGS_POST_OBSERVATION_SCRIPT=“my-post-observation-script {{ID}}”

I think you will get them all from the satnogs-setup.



Hi @deepakv ,

welcome to SatNOGS!

the default satnogs station doesn’t upload IQ data currently. @n5fxh described steps for a station owner on how to enable IQ storage on their station (and subsequently use a custom script to upload the data somwhere, see e.g.: Uploading IQ files to S3). There is on-going work to integrate iqzip into gr-satnogs to reduce the IQ filesize which might enable more stations to upload IQ data.

That said, some station operators upload IQ data to AWS, you can find related posts with links to the data by searching this forum (e.g. search for satnogs-iq).

The raw waterfall data isn’t uploaded either currently, but there is on-going work to add absolute timestamps to this data, store it in hdf5 files and upload them. The main motivation behind this is to be able to use this data for orbit determination.

I’m curious, what is your use-case for the raw waterfall data?



Thanks kerel for the detailed response. It is very helpful. I don’t have a particular application in mind, but I wanted to analyze the SNR/signal strength that we get across time and space for different satellites. That would’ve been helpful. I could process the png images to get this information but that seems to be non-trivial.


This is an interesting application!