Access network data


I just discovered this project, very cool and hopefully helpful for many people in the future.
Is it possible to get live data from the network or can I only watch observations?
Also do you have some kind of dashboard that shows the status of the network?

Hey @brean !

What do you mean by “live” ? Observations and decoded data are uploaded from clients on regular intervals, but generally not longer than a couple of minutes (maybe less).

Regarding a dashboard we are investigating different solutions, for now all stats can be seen on the Network UI itself.

Hey @pierros,

Thank you for your answer. I had a wrong presumption on how SatNOGS works. The 34C3-Talk from Nikos ( ) helped a bit. To rephrase my question: How do I access the data? Should I write a small web-scraper that filters and watches and downloads the new observations if they are interesting for my filter or is there a better way to do that?

What Network UI do you mean? The Website ?
I would like to see some overall network information (e.g. bars/line charts for uploaded data over time, online stations over time) with some tables showing all stations and their status, maybe including scheduled observations. Basically a summery and nicer overview for .

Maybe what would also be helpful would be a view of the DB by some more filters for end-users that want to do something with the received data in the future (to find only ones with decoded image data payload for example)

I also saw your 34c3 talk, nice work! I really regret that I did not go to Congress this time and I envy you and the team for building a satellite!