3D printing in the UK?


I’ve gathered most of the parts for the helical antenna and started a list for the V3 rotator, waiting for the design to finalize a bit. I’m mostly missing the 3D printed components. A local university’s shop will charge about 57gbp for a full set of helical antenna parts. Does anyone know a cheaper source of 3D printed parts? They’re charging about 5p a gram of plastic.


Hi Derek,

I’m not sure where you are in the UK, but I’m based in Cumbria and I’m going to make the 3D printed parts in our local Fab Lab. There are Fab Labs all over the UK (and the world). Having said that 3D printing is much more expensive than laser cutting, as it takes much more machine time. Our local Fab Lab costs 30p a gram of plastic so your university seems cheap to me. I’m also waiting for the final version 3 design.

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Hi John,

We’re still in the early stages of redesign, but the answer for me was to reduce the weight of the components. Fortunately a friend is very interested in the project and has experience with CAD. Here is a teaser shot of a redesigned Y joint for the Helical antenna. All design files of course will be avaliable, as soon as we print more than one of the same design! :smile:

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